Choose Life Paths, Wisely. Four Tips.

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Choose Life Paths, Wisely.

Choose your paths, wisely. That’s been a mantra for me, during challenges and joys. My kids have heard that saying often from me. During transformation and overwhelm.

Seems I’ve lived, transformed so many times in my life. More transformation and change coming…. feel the percolating, manifesting and emerging bubbling in me, my life and around me. Know that feeling? How does it feel for you when it’s coming up, and flowing through you? Yep, energy charge is a force.

When those times happening, and they can be long or short periods, I feel energy swirling around me. It feels pulsing, grounding, overwhelming, creatively exciting, heart opening, soul filling and/or exhausting. I’m SO grateful for my toolbox of tools … they help me ground, center, create, manifest, shift, open, awaken and remember. Reminds me to recall what I know, and have forgotten. Like 8 hours of sleep is important.

I’ve searched and researched throughout my life to find heart, mind and soul nurturing teachers, tribe, tools, offerings, passions and inspirations. I’m so GRATEFUL for this journey, and what led me there. And yes, the challenges and valleys in my life were usually my big nudges!

I use my Enneagram training and other tools to give insight into my patterns, unconscious and conscious. Understanding your patterns is key in manifesting, transforming and leading.

Below are 4 tips that I use:

  • Learn your patterns, and about patterns in others. Become self-aware and other-aware. This insight and awareness will serve you well ….in organizations, leading, creating, family, relationships and self-transforming.

  • Find wise guides. What’s your support system? We need different help and tools, at different times in life.

  • Use Life Guide markers. These are cairns on your life journey. What/ who helps remind you of your path? Reminds you where you’ve been and where you are going? What serves you, or doesn’t serve you? Like your inner warning system when you’re over stressed, worked, triggered or tired.

  • Be grateful. Each day. Start your morning, or any time of the day, and pause for a Gratitude Reflection. Perhaps 3 things you’re grateful for, at least. THAT will make a difference.

As I write this, I’m very aware of life paths, choices and impacts. I see it in my life, and those significant others in my life. Today is my mom’s 88th birthday. She prefers to say with a laugh that she’s 29 or 35 and holding :) That’s a mantra of hers I think … she’s been saying that long as I can remember. I appreciate her curiosity, desire for purpose, family love and her life journey.

I’m curious and interested in my mom’s life stories, more than ever. Her stories are precious, hold insights. As I’ve learned about family systems and patterns, I’ve become more curious and aware of the impact and insights of the ‘real’ life stories of people, family histories and journeys. What were the challenges, hardships, losses, joys, secrets, burdens, exclusions, victories and lessons.. and so on.

Authentic feelings, challenges, impacts, stories and ‘family stuff’ offers us insights into our own, and others HIS/ HER Story.

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