Money DNA's Energy & Patterns

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Money DNA attracts curiosity and energy. It shows up often, in our actions, reactions and language. I work with patterns, including Money DNA. We carry our patterns unconsciously and consciously. Self development is an ongoing process of exploring self, systems, and growing consciousness.

In early May, I was keynote speaker at the Western Women’s Business Center Small Business Week Celebration. I was honored by the invitation, an opportunity to share and support local women, entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit support organizations. For the event, they requested a talk on an impactful topic I love… Money DNA.

Topic carries juicy resonance for many, including me.

Exploring Money DNA has been life changing. I was nudged into new work, tools and deeper self awareness during a weekend workshop that came highly recommended by a respected teacher. The weekend workshop was a system dynamics workshop with coaching colleagues. What I observed and experienced blew me away.

What popped up for me big time was my Money DNA. At the time, I was trying to make some big decisions, and felt blocked, indecisive. It wasn’t why I was there, to get unblocked on money. And, it came out as a need, holding me back on some big life decisions.

In the retreat, no one acknowledged a money block, or said ‘MONEY’. Until one woman did. With that, we all said ‘YEP, me too!’ with a sense of wonder that it was universal. Seems Money DNA held lots of energy, with unconscious blocks showing up culturally, organizationally, in relationships and family systems.

In mapping these patterns, I discerned voices/ people/ energy behind my blocks. I realized I had some money blind spots. I become more conscious of my family lineage of independent women, often supporting the family due to economic or life hardships. This resonated deeply for me.

We inherit habits, behaviors, patterns. Often habits and/or behaviors are passed down. We unconsciously do something just like a parent or grandparent does. Or even a great grandparent or relative that we never met. If you aren’t certain of your family lineage, still pay attention to repeating patterns you have.

Family patterns are our primary pattern makers. These are often the easiest patterns to identify. We carry our family patterns with us, embedded in our DNA. They show up, with us. Often, we carry them into our organizations, especially family businesses.

As you reflect on your Money DNA, here are 4 questions to ask yourself:

·  Who grew money, who lost it, who gave it away?  Take a look at you, your family, your business. There are specific people that come up for these patterns.

·  What sayings float in your mind ? Look at your language, verbal cues, mantras, family/ organization sayings. Examples … “We work hard for our money. Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

·  What feelings, energy comes up for you when you think about money?

·  Where do you feel the energy nudge in your body? Open to your somatic body intelligence.

 At the keynote I shared insights on moving forward, shifting to new patterns. New money DNA patterns. Change is possible through deep dives into awareness, and acknowledgement.

Want to learn more about Money DNA? Invitation extended to attend our September 5-8 Weekend Intensive… Making The Unconscious Conscious, The Invisible Visible: Growing You and Your Emotional, Money and Leadership DNA. 

Experience the power of systems dynamics in your systems, you. Gain clarity on you, your life, with deep dives. Then there’s options for shifts and change.