Purpose: 7 Essential Qualities

We all need meaning and purpose in our lives. It energizes, sustains and motivates us.

Great purposes have some common characteristics. These form an acronym HEALING. Healing is noble work. Many believe every great purpose should be a healing purpose. *

This seems to hold true for both conscious businesses, and human beings.

7 Essential Qualities of a Great Purpose:

H - Heroic: positive transformation impact on the world. Impacting stakeholders, industry, society and collective

E - Evolving: Conscious business, and beings, aligns its purpose with the evolutionary impulses of its times. As we humans progress in our journey toward greater consciousness and higher states of being, companies will have to adapt and elevate their purposes to remain in harmony with our evolving aspirations and motivations.

A - Aligning: A great purpose acts like a powerful magnet that aligns all stakeholders. Stakeholders retain their distinctive roles, and are part of a more harmonious whole, and ecosystem. Working together for win-win-win resolutions.

L - Loving: People are increasingly recognizing the tremendous power and centrality of love in all human endeavors, especially in business. This is a largely untapped reservoir. We have capacity for more as we raise the unconscious to conscious. This is in harmony with the deepest essence of what it means to be human. This is a journey, a continual deepening of our self-awareness, and other awareness.

I – Inspiring: A great purpose inspires all its stakeholders. It motivates.

N – Natural: Every great purpose must reflect a mindset of living in harmony with nature rather than conquering or dominating it. This is key… helping our environment.

G – Galvanizing: A great purpose is not just conceptually and emotionally appealing; it moves people to action. It embodies “the fierce urgency of now,” to use a phrase of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s.

* This acronym comes from the “Conscious Capitalism Field Guide: Tools for Transforming Your Organization” by Raj Sisodia, Timothy Henry, and Thomas Eckschmidt, with Jessica Agneessens and Haley Rushing.

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