Life has been full of transitions, explorations, gifts and hardships in my life. I have grown from them all.  I'm at a place I didn't visualize 10 years ago, and grateful.

I have many identities, as we all do. And they change, as do our context and soma. Can happen in a moment.

As a developmental coach, I partner with clients desiring to engage and grow their self-development, and well-being. I serve leaders, emerging leaders and women on a journey of consciousness and thriving.

With our collaborative work together, clients explore changes and growth edges in self-development, leadership development, resiliency building, complexity living and transitions. 

I cherish being a wife, mom, mom-in-law, daughter, sister and friend. Other roles include speaker, author, facilitator, business owner, landscape designer, CEO and animal lover (loove dogs, goats and turtles).

I love coaching and supporting others in their explorations around creating a meaningful life. Often what comes up with that is purpose, intentions, transitions, self-development and presence.

Often what's expressed is wanting to be awake, aware and resilient in choice-making, living and living in complexity.

I coach using modern and ancient wisdoms and practices, offering tools for shifts and awakening of mind, body and spirit. The rich mix of eastern wisdoms and current neuroplasticity findings greatly help me with my personal journey, as well as my clients.  

I am passionate about stewarding planet, people and purpose. Other passions include wellness and well-being, women and environmental advocacy, leadership development and compassion for wildlife and animals.

Seems lessons and insights thread often together in unexpected ways. A well loved job I had in a former life was as a professional landscape designer. I find many of the skills I developed and used align and strongly support my coaching journey as well.

There's a synergy of skills developed studying nature that crosses over to my work as a developmental coach, and working with people. Both roles involve observation, awareness, tracking, nurturing growth, creativity, design, patterns, energy understanding and pruning.  I desire sentient beings to thrive. 

I live on a nature sanctuary, Bend of Ivy Lodge (BOI), that's a nature focused retreat and education center. Clients rent BOI primarily for leadership development, trainings, wellness retreats and organizational retreats. Nature is such a beautiful guide, and generative space for awakening. Bend of Ivy Lodge is part of Intentional Growth LLC. I'm CEO, co-owner and manager of Intentional Growth LLC, 

I facilitated and coached within small and large organizations, start-ups, non-profits, and with individuals, teams and groups. Organizational experience includes early technology (CompuServe and Boeing Computer Services), retail, consumer goods, academia, diversity programs and non-profits. I am a leadership coach for University of North Carolina's BRIDGES program, a women's leadership initiative.

Coaching certifications, education and training include: Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation, Masters in Landscape Studies (Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA), Graduate Certificate in Technology and Communications (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), and B.S. in Marketing (Ohio State University).

She’s certified facilitator in System Dynamics for Organizations and Individuals (SDOI). This is a systemic approach (or interactive mapping) which helps connect dots of family patterns and behaviors. This acknowledges old patterns, recognizes their purpose and helps create new paths. 

Also received certification in Actualized Leader Profile (ALP) and Group Culture Profile (GCP). Will complete certification as Integrative Enneagram Coach and Facilitator in December 2018.


My Purpose

I support curious clients in explorations of intentional and meaningful living. 

What's calling to be awaken, seen, explored, created, developed or changed? Live your present moments more wisely, and your future.

I coach and support individuals, groups and teams desiring change and growth.

I coach clients desiring new levels of self-development, leadership development and life transition support.

As a developmental coach, I provide a safe space to explore self-awareness of triggers, habits, mind patterns, drivers, desires and fears

Many eastern and western modalities and wisdoms weave together to support our coaching work. This means our work goes as deep as you want. 


He who knows others is learned. He who knows himself is wise.
— Lao Tzu

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  • Certified Presence-Based® Coach

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with International Coaching Federation

  • Masters in Landscape Studies (Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA)

  • Graduate Certificate in Technology and Communications (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

  • B.S. in Marketing (Ohio State University)

    Current certification studies, 2018:

  • Certification in System Dynamics for Organizations and Individuals (SDOI).

  • Certification in Actualized Leader Profile (ALP) 

  • Certification in Group Culture Profile (GCP)