Come ...destress + lighten + enlighten your body, mind and spirit.

Sound like something you need?  

Summer solstice weekend June 21-24, 2018

restore, energize, play and learn on beautiful zen grounds,

in the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains.

Spend a magical summer solstice weekend immersed at Bend of Ivy Lodge's beautiful nature sanctuary.

Relax, restore, play and revitalize your precious body and energy. 

AND, learn tips and tools to support your self-care, wellness and wellbeing journeys. 

Give yourself a treat. Retreat into soothing nature and relax with an engaging wellness community and team.

Enjoy pauses, interesting programs, activities, yoga, energy circle and amazingly good and healthy meals. Surprises, yes!

Join us Thursday, 4pm - Sunday, 1pm June 21-24 


What's your desire?

Want to revitalize your vital core?

Learn self-care wisdoms for your gut health? 

Desire to savor life more?

This summer solstice retreat creates conversations and space to nurture a healthy, conscious and energized YOU

Live more wisely in your precious body, mind and spirit. Learn insights on health, food, energy, emotions, self-care tools and body-mind wiring through a marriage of ancient and modern wisdoms. 

Support a vital and healthier self. Energize, lighten and enlighten your core & consciousness at our summer solstice Well BEING retreat.

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Lively programs will share ancient and current gut, health, food and well-being wisdoms. Learn take home tips and tools on Gut IQ (gut health & microbiomes) and well-being living. Experience a weekend offering spacious self-awareness and presence.

Enjoy experiential programs, flowing with wellness wisdoms, tips and movement breaks.

  • Well BEING 
  • Naturopathic medicine - nature cures
  • Creating & maintaining a healthy gut
  • Microbiota : change maker of gut health & wellness
  • Seasonal energetics of eating/ herbs/ practices
  • Energy circle


ENJOY incredibly healthy and delicious meals and treats, private coaching support, amp your gut health and wisdom... and so much more!!

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R & R TREATS ...

Soak in a gorgeous ancient river, watch shimmery koi in the pond, snooze in the hammock, play with goats, meander the shady woodland trails, or go wildlife gazing (turtles, fox, herons, pileated woodpeckers possible) and pause.

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MORE PLAY.. walk the labyrinth, stretch with flow yoga, get a massage, energize with kundalini yoga, enjoy energy therapy session, lounge, read or meditate in garden nook, hike trails and pause.

ENJOY incredibly healthy and delicious meals and treats, private coaching support, energy and movement activities, gut health and wisdom... and so much more!!


Retreat Happenings... 


Join a circle of fellow well-being seekers and revitalize as experienced teachers, coaches & holistic practitioners support the education and nurturing of your gut, body, emotions, mind and spirit… your whole body well-being. Programs optional, choose what energizes and soothes you. It’s your well-being retreat!

Join Rebecca Word & Susan Walters Minker and their team for a 4 day immersion of programs exploring well BEING including:

  • Emotional Well-Being
  • Gut Integrity  
  • Seasonal Energetics
  • Emotional Intelligence  (EQ) 
  • Solstice gathering
  • Yoga, Breath & Energy work , Meditation
  • Somatic & Creative Play
  • Nature Hikes
  • Delicious Healthy Meals & Snacks
  • Individual Coaching
  • Therapeutic massages, Energy therapy: optional add-ons

Wellness Guides

Susan Headshot_BrenPhotography_006.jpg


Susan Walters MINKER, acc, ma

(certified developmental coach, facilitator, steward, designer) supports learning journeys of self-development, and living with presence. She's passionate about the well-being journeys of a person's whole being in today's complex lives and times. She supports well BEING explorations with a mix of ancient and current wisdoms.


Rebecca WOrd, nd

(licensed naturopathic doctor, speaker, teacher, artist) utilizes traditional healing wisdom as well as the research and discoveries of modern medicine in private practice as well as community education. She is passionate about honoring the healing powers of nature and believes that each person can cultivate an individualized path to well BEING.


Guest teachers Joe Taft and Marianne Mitchell!

Explore energy shifts, breath work and kundalini yoga with amazing Marianne Mitchell. Experience exceptional yoga flow with inspirational Joe TaftYoga for all levels of experience.

Thursday, June 21 – Sunday, June 24. 

Thursday, leisure arrival after 4pm with opening circle at 5:30pm. Departure after lunch Sunday, June 24, 1pm.

Early Bird fee: $735

($695 with cash or check payment) ends March 9. Registration fee $790 then. ($760 cash or check payment). Check or credit card accepted.

If paying by check or credit card, please click REGISTER button below. 

The registration page will then give details (address and payable) for check payment. 

CANCELLATION POLICY - 25% of your deposit is refundable up to June 7, 2018 (2 weeks before).

After June 7, 2018 no refunds; you may transfer your deposit to another person of your choice. 

If event is canceled by Vital Core retreat, all fees will be refunded back to participant.

Share, and Bring a Friend! Receive $50 off your retreat fee.


Come for a delightful immersion and pause, learn and play. Retreat with Dr. Rebecca, Susan, and our wellness team at Vital Core & Consciousness. 

Gift yourself this 4 day immersion of fun somatic (body-mind) self-exploration and activities with a community of like minded well-being seekers.

We look forward to sharing together!
- Susan and Rebecca