What would an extraordinary life for YOU look?

Create it.

Do you want to amplify YOU as an empowered leader, a change maker? Do you feel that life, personal and professional, is flowing, perhaps overflowing, with complexity? You’re not alone. If this you, I LOVE working with clients like you, wanting to change and impact change.

Coaching work goes deep, accelerating growth in clarity, voice and purpose .. and with empowered action. How? I coach, teach and facilitate with deep developmental power tools from my Intentional Growth Toolbox (IG Toolbox). Tools use neuroscience, Integrative Enneagram, quantum physics, systems constellations, systems intelligence, somatics, mindfulness, complexity development, adult development, conscious leadership… and more.

My IG Toolbox includes powerful deep tools ... for leaders, groups and teams. Accelerates empowered living, leading & manifesting. Often with maps. Mapping patterns…. identifying, observing, exploring and changing patterns in individuals, family and organizations.

Manifesting flows when open and aware… to systems intelligence, patterns, self-awareness and blocks. What happens? New levels of awareness and action. Evolving and acting with authentic empowered voice and action.

That’s why our company is named Intentional Growth LLC.

I'm certified and experienced in many development tools, practices and methods. Grateful to the many incredible teachers and thought leaders in my life… great teachers, mentors, guides, coaches and collaborators.

Want to engage with life and work more fully and sustainably? Be more present and conscious? If that speaks to you, great. Love to connect and see if we’re a fit.


Certified facilitator and coach, includes Integrative Enneagram (iEQ9), System Dynamics for Organizations and Individuals (SDOI… part of Hellinger Institute of the Netherlands), Certified Presence-Based® Coach, Actualized Leadership Profile (ALP) and Associate Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation.


Training includes presence-based coaching, mindfulness, meditation, adult development theory, enneagram, complexity theory, energy activation, system dynamics and diverse somatic practices. Many modalities and wisdoms weave together in my coaching work. Coaching work goes deep, to unconscious as well as conscious areas of behaviors, patterns, triggers, fears, desires and hidden competing commitments.  Just the process of starting this journey is huge.

What will You Experience?

Expanding your Vision to create bigger, and choose wiser. Own that You are a Pioneer, and not an Imposter.

Exploring in a safe place YOU and your triggers, habits, mind patterns, family patterns, drivers, desires and fears.

Partnering with an experienced life coach, an experienced coach, that’s also a business owner and entrepreneur with broad and diverse experience with companies, non-profits and academia. A partner for your personal, professional and company growth.


My coaching offers a specific process:

  • Intake Assessment

  • Coaching Offer, mutually agreed upon

  • Accountability measures

  • Schedule framework, and flexibility

  • 12-24 months recommended minimum coaching

  • Check-ins at each session of take-aways, and regular assessment of desired development

  • Closure assessment


How do your views, perspectives, reactions, mind chatter support you? Or not support you? We explore that. Our conversations are not about the past, as in therapy. Our conversations are about the present, with an eye to your desired future.



Coaching/ FAcilitator Credentials 

Certified Presence-Based® Coach

Certified Facilitator, System Dynamics for Organizations and Individuals (SDOI) 

Certified Coach and Facilitator iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram

Certified Professional, Actualized Leader Profile (ALP) 

Certified Professional, Group Culture Profile (GCP)

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with International Coaching Federation

Circle Facilitator