I coach with heart, compassion, empathy, direct feedback, accountability and a sound coaching process.

I partner with clients in a process of curiosity and awakening. Trained in many diverse methods, I coach clients desiring new levels of self-development, leadership development and life transition support. I work with individuals, teams and groups.

As a credentialed developmental coach, I'm a Certified Presence-Based® Coach and Associate Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation.

I work with patterns in my coaching, patterns in individuals, family and organizations. I’m certified facilitator in System Dynamics for Organizations and Individuals (SDOI).

I'm also certified professional facilitator of Actualized Leadership Profile (ALP) and Group Culture Profile (GCP). These tools are part of my toolbox of deep and impactful leadership assessment tools.

Through a system dynamics lens, deep patterns are identified and explored in a client's system - their patterns, family patterns and organizational patterns.

Training includes presence-based coaching, mindfulness, meditation, adult development theory, enneagram, complexity theory, energy activation, system dynamics and diverse somatic practices. Many modalities and wisdoms weave together in my coaching work. This means client coaching work may go deep, to unconscious as well as conscious areas of behaviors, patterns, triggers, fears, desires and hidden competing commitments.  Just the process of starting this journey is huge.

I coach with modern and ancient wisdoms and practices, offering tools for shifts and awakening of mind, body and spirit. As a developmental coach, I provide a safe space to explore self-awareness of triggers, habits, mind patterns, drivers, desires and fears.

I practice a sound coaching process that’s effective. It’s evolved due to trainings from the immense energies and expertise of many leading somatic and developmental coaches, leadership masters, and eastern and western wisdoms. I am grateful for their teachings.  

Besides my coaching background, and trainings, I have a broad background in business and academia. My work experience crosses many diverse fields and types of organizations.

I am grateful for the insights, teachings of my many teachers and guides. Most deeply, I am grateful for the teachings and friendship of Doug Silsbee, Presence-Based® Coaching author and founder.



My coaching offers a specific process:

  • Intake Assessment

  • Coaching Offer, mutually agreed upon

  • Accountability measures

  • Schedule framework, and flexibility

  • 6-12 months recommended minimum coaching

  • Check-ins at each session of take-aways, and regular assessment of desired development

  • Closure assessment


How do your views, perspectives and cognitive reactions (mind chatter) support you? Or not support you? We explore that. Our conversations are not about the past, as in therapy. Our conversations are about the present, with an eye to your desired future. We explore, what would an extraordinary life be for you in the future?



Coaching/ FAcilitator Credentials 

Certified Presence-Based® Coach

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with International Coaching Federation

Certified Facilitator, System Dynamics for Organizations and Individuals (SDOI) 

Certified Professional, Actualized Leader Profile (ALP) 

Certified Professional, Group Culture Profile (GCP)

Circle Facilitator