Client comments....

"Susan is the “real deal”. The impact she has had on me and my family has been profound. Her compassion, ability to zero in on the real issues, and the gentle and direct nudges towards action has been instrumental to real fulfillment. I have had many opportunities in my career as an executive for training and coaching, but Susan’s holistic approach for heart, body, and soul has been lasting. She has encouraged me to open up to my authentic self TODAY that has had such a positive impact on my family and work relationships." Jessica FordingDirector, J.M. Smucker Company.

"Susan was a godsend at a time when I was facing a difficult time in my professional life. At a crossroads about my future, Susan guided me through a journey that enabled me to look inward and outward, to find the guideposts that could point to the options available to me and to make choices from the head and the heart. As importantly, Susan provided useful tools that I can use beyond the coaching sessions. Thanks to our sessions, the future looks bright and clear!" (Client, G)

“…..  Susan’s kind and thoughtful approach soon put me at ease.  One of the obstacles I soon discovered was that I did not take the time to reflect and organize my thoughts.  Susan helped me organize my thoughts in such a way that I was able to tackle some of the life challenges that arose with confidence and insight…” (Client, P).

“… unfortunately anxiety and lack of self-confidence has played a big role in my life. ….  All that changed when Susan became my Life Coach. … It was different from anything I have ever done. Susan is strong yet nurturing. We did exercises that I could incorporate into my everyday life. She actually gave me tools to use to deal with my life stressors.” (Client, J).

"Susan is a powerful and intuitive guide to unleashing your potential.  She is both a gentle and calming listener as well as a laser-focused adviser of holistic tools to move you closer to your desired outcome.  I deeply enjoyed working with Susan and found her insights, support and guidance pivotal during my time of transition.  I look forward to seeking Susan's counsel in the future to support my on-going journey to create and live my best life.  Give yourself the gift of engaging with Susan and learning from her methods, knowledge and experience. "  (Anita Johnson).

“She has a way of providing guidance without completely taking over the process.  Her gentle reminders of what I had discovered in previous sessions, along with probing questions, resulted in very productive and useful discoveries. Susan has a gift that is not common and that makes her truly unique and gifted at what she does.” (Client, P).